How NOT to Get Mugged on the Paris Metro (By an 8-Year-Old)

In any encounter with a die-hard traveler, amidst a plethora of hearty descriptions of nature hikes, temples, and monuments, you will inevitably hear a tale of theft or disaster. It is a rare occasion indeed when a traveler worth their salt lacks a story about themselves or a member of their group being mugged or burglarized. It can happen anywhere, in any country, at any time. And me telling you to 'be aware' of it doesn't mean it will happen any less either.

Ride in a Helicopter Over the Canadian Rocky Mountains

This weekend I got to ride in a helicopter for the first time ever, and what a ride it was! I didn't just hop into a helicopter and flit about over top of a city or prairie landscape - I flew over the Rocky Mountains of Alberta! How spectacular is that? If you don't have any idea just how spectacular, keep on reading!

If You Can't Go There, At Least You Can Read About It: Books on Italy

I have decided to begin a new series of 'thematic' posts on my blog (as if I didn't have enough already). Currently I have my main "Travel Bucket List" articles, my "Backyard Bucket List" posts about traveling around my home province of Alberta, and my "Foodie Bucket List", which currently consists of one post about eating haggis in Scotland. (I need to write about food more, but it makes me hungry and then I get distracted - hence why only one of those posts has been published...)