Walk Through History at an Old New Orleans Plantation

The last time I was in good ol' "NOLA" (the affectionate abbreviation for New Orleans, Louisiana) was in March of 2008 when I visited for a teacher's conference with some work colleagues.  I fell in love with the city during my stay, and admired many facets that make New Orleans so unique - the sweeping architecture, the Creole culture, the energy and exuberance of the French Quarter, and even the magical infusion of voodoo and history.

Pubs in Edinburgh's Grassmarket District: Drink in the History

Today is St. Patrick's Day, one of my favorite little holidays (besides Halloween and Christmas).  I have some Irish blood bubbling in my veins, thanks to the hardy Irish stock on my mother's side, and so I take St. Pat's very seriously.  Yes, this year it falls on a Sunday, but that hasn't prevented me from brushing off my green velvet top hat and preparing to go out for a traditional green beverage at the local watering hole.

Planning for a Trip the Obsessive Way

There are two kinds of travelers: those that flow freely with the ebb and tide of travel, making plans as they go and hoping that everything rolls out for the best. Then there are those that like to have all their ducks in a row, all their roads mapped out, and all their rentals and reservations confirmed beforehand. Usually, if you are of style A, you shouldn't be traveling with someone who leans towards style B, lest frustrated and murderous thoughts lead you to making some poor choices.

Space Simulators & Jars of Earwax: The Edmonton Science Center

There are two official 'science centers' in Alberta. Families and schools have the option to visit the Calgary World of Science and the Edmonton World of Science, depending on their proximity. They are both owned by the Telus World of Science corporation, who also happens to own the Vancouver World of Science as well.

Have I said "World of Science" enough times for you yet? Read that last paragraph five times fast; I dare you!