Kayak in the Rocky Mountains of Canada

When you think "Rocky Mountains of Canada", I would bet a fair chunk of my monthly income that you are picturing towering, majestic, snow-capped mountains, or deep-green, spindly pine trees flanked by peaks and valleys. You might even think about the turquoise green-blue waters, icy cold as they rush from their glacial parents towards the Pacific Ocean.

You probably don't think: wetlands.

DTWH Featured in "TrekWorld"!

Another exciting announcement for Down the Wrabbit Hole! My Loch Ness post has been featured in the online magazine "TrekWorld" - please go check it out and "like" it, "tweet" it, "stumble" it - whatever you have to do! I have been invited to contribute to the magazine in the future as well, so keep your eyes peeled for more articles and announcements. 

My article featured in "TrekWorld" - A Loch Ness Monster and Castle Quest

Soak in a True Natural Hot Spring in the Canadian Rockies

True, natural hot springs are hard to come by. However, they do exist, if only you know where to look or who to ask. That's how I have been able to soak in a few mostly-natural hot springs in Canada.

For years I have been visiting the hot springs of Canada’s Rocky Mountains: the Banff Upper and Lower hot springs, the Jasper Miette hot springs in Alberta, and the Radium and Fairmont hot springs in British Columbia specifically. I know exactly why they are so popular. They are relaxing, toasty warm, therapeutic, and they have the best view of any pool I’ve ever been to.  

DTWH is a Contributor to "Yuppee Magazine"

I am excited to announce that I have signed up to be a contributor to London-based "Yuppee Magazine", a lifestyle magazine featuring stories about travel, fashion, music, and other such lifestyle-related topics. While I will be primarily contributing to the travel section, I am not going to limit myself to just one category. This month, I have three articles published in Yuppee, and I'd like to share them with my blog readers! I hope you like them, and if you have any suggestions or things you'd like me to write about, please feel free to drop me a line either here, on my Facebook fan page, or on Twitter (@thewrabbithole).

Where to find my articles on www.yuppee.com

Backyard Bucket List: Explore Alberta's EM-TE Town

I have lived in Alberta my whole life, all "28-and-holding" years. It shames me to admit that I have only visited a handful of the major sights in my own province, despite being obsessed with experiencing literally everything an area has to offer when I travel. This summer I vowed to do more "backyard" exploring, and have even had the chance to discover some places I never even knew existed. EM-TE Town is one of those places.

Canoe Across the Turquoise Waters of Moraine Lake

canadian rocky mountains, canoeing

Close your eyes and picture a lake with the bluest, clearest waters you can imagine. Then add a stunning mountain range framing this lake, capped with pure white glaciers and carpeted with lush, green trees. In your mind’s eye, slice through this lake in a bright yellow canoe, silent and calm, leaving a slight ripple as you glide across its blue waters.  

There.You have just visualized my Sunday afternoon at Moraine Lake. It was a little piece of heaven.

My First Guest Post

Please check out my very first ever guest post at the wonderful site We Said Go Travel. I want to thank Lisa for inviting me to write an article: it was an exciting experience and I don't care how nerdy that makes me! Be sure to comment, and perhaps they'll invite me to write another!  :)

Go on a Glasgow Walk-About in Scotland

The great thing about Glasgow is that if there's a nuclear attack it'll look exactly the same afterwards. 
Billy Connolly 

This is a direct quote from Billy Connolly, one of my favorite Scottish actors, a truly funny man, and a native of Glasgow, Scotland. His sentiments, which strongly insinuate that Glasgow is a bleak, ugly, grey city, were shared by many people that we talked to. Several people, some even from Scotland, raised their eyebrows when we informed them we’d planned two days in Glasgow during our tour of Scotland.  

Visit Loch Ness and Search for Nessie the Loch Ness Monster

Facts About Loch Ness, Scotland:
  1. There is more water in Loch Ness than all the other lakes in England, Scotland and Wales put together.
  1. Loch Ness never fully freezes: it is too large and too deep.
  1. Because warm water rises, and colder water sinks, in the middle of winter Loch Ness can be seen steaming like a hot tub as the warm water hits the surface.
  1. And of course, Loch Ness is infested with a giant, humped-back water monster, nicknamed “Nessie”.  Or is it?
When my husband and I ventured to Scotland this summer, I made it a priority to drive up north to Loch Ness as a part of our adventure. I was determined to stand at the lake’s edge and search for this infamous creature, and see what there was to see.

The Most Fun You'll Ever Have in a Vegas Restaurant

Today I am sitting here, enjoying the warm Canadian sun, which we don't get to enjoy all that often, and I am beginning to daydream. Ah, a nice cold drink would so fantastic right now... and now my mind is beginning to wander to all of the lovely, ice-cold drinks I could possibly have at this moment. Now I am reminiscing about one of the best ice-cold drinks I've EVER had, way back in March during my Spring Break trip to Vegas. You see, it all began like this (insert trippy 'Wayne's World' time travel effect here):