Throw a Coin Into the Trevi Fountain and Make a Wish

This item on the bucket list I have already done twice. I am one lucky lady! The first time I visited the Trevi Fountain was in January of 2010, when I won a free trip to Rome through a travel company called Explorica. I had booked a school trip through this company, and as I was a first-time group leader, was put into a draw to win a trip for myself and one other person. Hurrah! Me, who can’t even win a free coffee with Tim Horton’s “Roll Up the Rim to Win”, was selected as one of the lucky free travelers and given three options: Rome, Paris, or London.

I chose Rome, since I kind of have a love affair with Italy and would like to live there one day. I took my husband, Joey, on the trip as my plus one, and we titled our journey “Weekend in Rome” since we were leaving on a Friday and were back that Sunday night – and that’s with an 8-hour flight each way!

Trevi Fountain, one of Rome's more romantic and beautiful sites

That trip we were lucky to have a great group of fellow travelers, and had a fantastic time! There were lots of laughs and escapades as we explored one of the most ancient cities in Europe. Besides the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain was one of my highlights. My husband and I threw in a coin, standing with our backs to the water, using our right hands to flip the coins over our left shoulders, as per tradition. Legend has it that by throwing one coin into the fountain in this fashion ensures a return trip to Rome. It worked! (But I knew it would, as I had already booked a school trip to Rome prior to the coin-tossing experience!)

I returned to Rome again in April of that same year with a large group of 33 people. Once again, I found myself standing in front of this magnificent structure, digging through my pockets for change. And once again, I threw only one coin into the fountain – I have yet to see if the legend comes through for me! I certainly hope it does!

I tossed a coin in - hope I get to come back!

The Trevi Fountain is spectacular both day and night. I was lucky enough to see it in both scenarios. It is a massive, two-tiered fountain, sunk into the street and big enough to swim a pool length in. You have to walk down about four or five steps to reach its front ledge. Above the fountain basin hovers many large and beautiful marble statues, the most prominent one being the statue of Neptune, god of the sea. He is astride his sea-shell chariot, being led by horses (he is also attributed to creating horses from sea foam). There are other statues surrounding him, but your eyes are immediately drawn and captured by his imposing image.

Beautiful blue water spills over the ledge where the statues rest, and into the basin, which is lit with sunken lights. In the evening, light falls majestically on to the statues, and glows from underneath the water. It is a stunning effect. I think it is almost better to view in the evening than in the day, except in the day you really notice the wonderful blue tone to the fountain’s water.

The Trevi Fountain at night

I have only told you part of the coin-tossing ritual thus far. Tradition states that anyone wanting to return to Rome must turn his or her back to the water, cup a coin in the right hand, and toss it over the left shoulder. However, two coins tossed over the left shoulder by the right hand means you will soon find love. Three coins tossed over the shoulder ensures either a marriage, or divorce, depending on the wishes of the coin-bearer. I have read different versions of this legend on the Internet, but this is the version I was told by two separate tour guides, both of whom were natives to Rome. So I will believe them over the Internet sources.

Rome is just filled with ruins - right around the corner!!

One interesting Internet fact I did read was that within ONE DAY (can I stress that a bit more? ONE DAY!!!!!) over $3500 is thrown into the fountain. It is cleaned out each night, with the proceeds going to support food banks / supermarkets for the poor in Rome ( That is a lot of coins!

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