Celebration Time - Vegas, Baby!

It's time to celebrate! The good news is in - I am cancer-free!

Got the news last week from my doctor - all my December tests came back negative. There's not a cancer cell left in my body (and believe me, they freaked me out when they literally gave me a full-body MRI scan). I am healthy as a horse, and ready to reproduce! Watch out, world, soon there will be a whole troupe of "Wrabbits" ready to explore the world!

Hubby and I are super excited that I'm all done with cancer!

To celebrate, I suggested to my husband a trip down to Vegas for Spring Break. He is an accountant, however, and March Spring Break falls right in the middle of his busiest season: tax season. So he was out. But he encouraged me to go and have the time of my life, just as long as I wasn't alone. I went to Mexico by myself for Spring Break last year, but a week in a resort and a week walking the Vegas strip at night are two different things.

Good ol' Vegas is a-callin' me!

Recently, my cousin Marriann and I reconnected and have been spending more time together. When I ran the idea of a Vegas trip past her, she jumped at it. This morning, while plotting via text message, we booked the trip through Expedia.ca. She only has three days free, so we are jamming as much adventure as we can into the weekend. We will be staying at the Excalibur (where I hope we can go to the "Tournament of Kings" dinner, which is always a blast), are going to a Cirque du Soleil show, and will be taking a morning trip out to the Hoover Dam. I wanted to explore the south lip of the Grand Canyon to walk on the Skywalk, but I don't think we'll have enough time. Next trip, perhaps.

Can't wait to see this - the Hoover Dam...

Marriann has never been to Vegas, so I'm planning on taking her to the Paris casino to ride the Eiffel Tower, to the Bellagio to see the amazing water shows, up the Stratosphere to experience the roof rides, to the MGM to see the lions, and to Freemont for the incredible light show. Any other suggestions? What are your favorite activities in Vegas? I want to make Marri's trip one for the record books (but not like the "Hangover"!)


  1. Woot woot!!!! Can't wait cousin! A re-connecting weekend together in Vegas baby!!! I'm sure we could find some form of "Hangover" style fun?!?! lol

  2. Okay then... I will add "put rufies in Marriann's drinks" to the list of things to do! LOL