Getting Antsy at Home: My Husband's Worst Nightmare

It has been four months since my wonderful, inspiring, and beautiful trip to Scotland. The summer flew by with a fun family trip to the Rocky Mountains and lots of adventures with my Little from Big Brothers Big Sisters. September literally rocketed past due to my involvement in teaching a new grade, in a new (elementary) division with all new learning styles and curricula.

I have been busy coaching volleyball, preparing for a much-needed bathroom renovation, and developing some professional development activities for my staff due to a new role that I embraced at work. I met "Kids in the Hall" star Kevin McDonald during a hilarious night of improv at a local theater. I even took my niece and nephews to the West Edmonton Mall Water Park and was bullied into going down a water slide that was literally vertical and sent you hurtling through the air via a disappearing trapdoor. 

Meeting Kevin McDonald of "Kids in the Hall"
The crazy slides at the West Edmonton Mall Water Park

Busy, but seemingly not busy enough. The itch has begun...

The second week of November is a week off from school, due to a day in lieu for two long evenings of Parent-Teacher Interviews (or Portfolio Conferences as they are known in my school division), Remembrance Day, and some other thing that I cannot remember at the moment. Regardless, it all adds up to a week away from work, and oh! The possibilities for adventure are endless.  Except...

Except I promised my hubby no more trips in 2012 (I've gotten to go to St. Louis, Portland, Las Vegas, Scotland, and British Columbia already).

Except I promised my hubby AND my bank account to quit impulse shopping and spending money on unplanned, big ticket items (like the grey pull-out couch I want for the basement guest room).

Except I promised everyone that I would have a complete bathroom renovation done by Christmas season so we could possibly host a family dinner.

My dream bathroom off Pinterest

As I mulled this over in my mind, most likely with a very unattractive pouting expression on my face, fate decided to step in. Or at least, pop her head in the door. I morosely Googled "Teaching Conferences November 2012" to see what I could find... and what do you know? There is an AMAZING English Teacher's conference in Las Vegas during that particular week in November.

Not only would I get to scratch that travel itch that has begun to squirm under my tan-faded skin, but I would have the opportunity to meet authors such as Nicholas Sparks, Jon Sczieska, and Scott Westerfield. I would get free novels to add to my classroom library. And even better, since I was shortlisted for an Excellence in Teaching Award in Alberta last year, I have some PD money that I was awarded to help pay for this adventure. My husband and my 70s bathroom decor couldn't even complain!

So, the choice lays before me. I haven't booked anything yet, but by Friday I hope to have made my decision. Will I be taking a day-trip to the Grand Canyon? Will I rappel off the side of the Stratosphere? Will I become the next romantic muse for Nicholas Sparks? Check in this weekend to find out!

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