Life's New Journey: Motherhood!

I know this is officially a travel blog. I promise I'm not going to turn "Down the Wrabbit Hole" into a parenthood-oriented play-by-play of my child's growth and development.  (Not that those blogs aren't great, because trust me, as of late I've been reading a lot of them!)  However, I cannot resist the temptation - nay, the DUTY - to introduce my beautiful, big-eyed, intelligent, and breath-taking offspring to my readers. (And yes, she's just that perfect.)

Meet my beautiful baby Avy!

So, without further ado, please welcome little Avy to the world!  She was born mid-January, and since then, time has flown by!  I can't believe it is already February!  But I also can't think of a better way to spend that time than with my little newborn girl (well, maybe with my little newborn girl on a Costa Rican beach...)

Avy snuggling peacefully with her Mommy.

Avy has completely changed my life already.  I am now on maternity leave, and it feels odd to not be working.  I've been a workin' girl since I was 14 and have never NOT had a job.  Avy is now my job, I understand that, but it still does feel weird to not have to change out of my PJs should I chose to do so. My husband is now our sole breadwinner, and that has put some pressure on him.  He's handling it fabulously, I may say.  And he's a champion diaper changer as well!

She is a Flames fan, just like her Daddy.  They haven't lost since she was born!

In the future, we hope to continue our travels around the world, one destination at a time, but right now, our journey in life has taken a whole new spin.  And just like every journey I go on, I plan on enjoying this one to the fullest!

On a new journey - but just around the block for now!


  1. Congratulations. Avy looks like such a sweetie.

    1. Thank you! She's already gotten so big - she's five inches longer!