Making Memory Lane: Digital Scrapbooking with "Mixbook"

Since I began my perpetual maternity leave in January of 2014, I have felt quite out of the loop regarding my old job. My life used to revolve around constant learning: the content I taught my students, pedagogical changes and updates to the education sector, child psychology, advances in technology, etc. There was always something new to soak in. Over the last two years, life has certainly changed. I'm not saying you don't learn new things as a mother - because oh, you do! - it is just a whole different ballgame. (I can read the contents of a diaper like a fortune teller can read tea leaves, and you don't learn that at conferences...)

So I was incredibly excited when I was asked to present a session at a conference hosted by our local school division. I get to reconnect with some of my old colleagues! I get to teach others and guide my peers in their own learning journey! I get to wear something other than yoga pants! Yay!

My session is on how to use an online digital scrapbooking program called "Mixbook" to create vibrant, sleek, high-quality photo albums that take up hardly any room on your bookshelf (unlike all those bulky cardboard binder style photo albums that I'm currently eliminating from my home). I use Mixbook for everything: all of my travel adventures, my family photo albums, and other projects too, like educational books for my kids, recipe books, etc. It is a very handy program and fun to use. (No, I don't work for Mixbook, but at the rate I buy them, they really should be giving me massive discounts...)

The cover of my Iceland Mixbook photo album.

For all the wonderful people who signed up for my session (Hi! Thanks!) here is the Mixbook Tutorial that we are using for the session. It is password protected so that means you actually have to come to the session and see me to get it. (For my blog readers, I might open it up after the sessions are over so you can try your hand at Mixbooking as well.)

Have fun, and happy memory making!

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