The Coast Hillcrest Hotel in Revelstoke: Hotel Review

During a recent visit to Revelstoke with my family (my Mother's Day / birthday getaway), we had the pleasure of staying in Revelstoke's Coast Hillcrest Hotel. I have noticed that my readers seem to enjoy hotel review blog posts, so I thought I'd share a little about this mountain resort getaway for anyone planning on making a trek out to the region.

The Coast Hillcrest Hotel as seen from the front. Image via.

My husband chose this hotel based on the balance between its price and star-rating. With mostly positive, glowing reviews, and a fairly average price considering the amenities, it seemed like a happy medium of 'you get what you pay for'. My husband was looking for a place with a nice restaurant, a hot tub, a beautiful mountain view, clean rooms, and easy access to town without being right smack downtown, and the Coast Hillcrest met every requirement all at a decent price.

For those of you looking to walk everywhere in Revelstoke, the Coast Hillcrest might not be your first pick. It is located just on the edge of town, and is not even really connected to Revelstoke. It would be quite a hike to get to the downtown area, so we simply drove into town each time considering we were hauling two toddlers with us everywhere we went. However, I liked the fact that it wasn't connected to Revelstoke - it had a 'cabin in the woods' feel and you were literally surrounded by nature.

The lobby at the Coast Hillcrest is part cabin-in-the-woods, part hotel retreat.

The hotel was comfortable, spacious, and reminded me of a hunting lodge, albeit a hunting lodge designed for someone very, very rich. By no means was the hotel 'glamorous' or pretentious: there weren't crystal chandeliers dripping from the ceiling or chocolates on the pillows, but it was luxurious enough. (Granted, I live in a house terrorized daily by two crazy children, so any hotel at this point is pure luxury to me!)

When you first enter the lobby, you see a large, open area filled with plush couches, grand fireplaces, a pool table and TVs waiting for you to turn on. Free coffee and lemon water are available, and the restaurant and lounge are conveniently located through a set of doors just off of the lobby's 'living room' area.

We had the kids with us, otherwise we'd have spent a couple of evening relaxing in this lobby!

Past the lobby's sitting area, you will step out onto the outdoor terrace, which features a hot tub, garden swing, fire table, and a fantastic view of the mountains. The terrace is split between the hot tub recreation area and the restaurant patio. Both look out onto a wide panorama of the mountain range found just beyond the town of Revelstoke. Below the terrace is a swath of green grass decorated with vibrant flower gardens. One flower garden fills an old wooden chuck wagon, which I thought was clever.

The amazing view of the mountains from the balcony hot tub at the Coast Hillcrest.

Other amenities include a 'spa' area on the bottom floor, which boasts a second hot tub, steam room, mini gym, and sauna. There is also a real spa where you can pay for a massage, but it wasn't open while we were there. There is no swimming pool, but my kids love to swim, so we spent time in both hot tubs for variety's sake.

Our room was fairly average for a hotel, but it was clean, bright, and had a large shared balcony that had a stellar vista of the mountain range. The washroom had a large shower but no bathtub. Our kids usually like to bathe, but the large shower enabled us to drag the kids in with us one at a time and get them clean when we needed to. I really enjoyed the full-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles: no teeny tiny little sample bottles for the Coast Hillcrest!

Our bright and clean room at the Coast Hillcrest Hotel.
I loved the full-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner, but I wasn't sure if I could take them home!

We sat out on the balcony a lot, and the only bad thing about the shared balcony aspect was that my kids continually tried to sneak into other people's rooms. Good thing everyone remembered to lock their doors!

The shared balcony that our kids loved, and the green space beyond.

We ate one dinner at the hotel restaurant, and it was excellent. Since our kids are young and were more than ready to splash about in the hot tub, we ate an early dinner that night. Subsequently, we had the entire terrace to ourselves, and our kids thought it was hilarious that Mommy and Daddy ate at one table, and the kids got another table entirely to themselves. Our waitress ensured us it was okay after I fretted about her having to clean two tables, which made the kids very excited! The food was excellent, and my husband and I ordered some local craft beer from the Mount Begbie brewery. It was perfect.

Enjoying dinner and a local craft beer on the restaurant terrace. (No craft beer for Avy!)

Our little family stayed three nights at the hotel. We had originally only booked for two nights, but we were having such fun exploring Revelstoke and liked the hotel so much that it was a no-brainer to stay the third night and then just have a relaxing drive home in the morning the next day.

The kids' favourite part of our hotel - the hot tub!

My favourite part of the Coast Hillcrest Hotel was the amazing view of the mountains it offered, and the laid-back but always friendly hospitality of the establishment. I would go back in a heartbeat. In fact, when we got back from our little vacation, our neighbours asked us where we had stayed and when we told them, they admitted they come to this very hotel every year for their anniversary. So that also says a lot about the hold this place can have on you!

Enjoy the hotel tour video below. If you have ever stayed in the Coast Hillcrest Hotel at Revelstoke, share your thoughts and experiences below in the comments section!

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